Peter Flierl


We often hear there are no coincidences in life; things happen as they are supposed to, as God designed, or perhaps when we are rady and prepared for what he has to offer.  It is not an accident that a good friend opened my eyes to the value of being a writer, which headed me into op ed writing on a small scale, magazine column writing, and profuce writing in my career.  It is not an accident that one of the few undergraduate courses I worked at and excelled in was with a marvelous professor, the late Alexander Campbell, who taught freshman writing like no other English tacher; honing disciple and craft.  It is not an accident that I was challenged by an acquaintance to write ‘Prayer, Laughter & Broccoli, which became a national award winning book.  I haf thought abiut doing so for years.

What does this have to do with your wife’s treatment for breast cancer? Nothing and everything.  People will drop out of your life and others will “magically” appear just when you need them.  I asked a special friend, a woman 18 years my senior, to bemy spiritual mentor just weeks before Shirley’s diagnosis.  I had never specifically asked for help like that in the past.  She was responsible for my understanding and knowing in my gut and my soul that I could get through this, or through anything.  She gave me the strength to bestrong for Shirley and being a woman, rather than a manas recommended, was the right gender at the right moment.

Trust your instincts. Be ready for the possibilities.  Recognize God working in your life.  See the wheel of the universe turning in your direction to ase the way and make things happen.


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